Go the Italian way: first time for an Italian SME

A well-known multinational company requested CMS, an Italian SME manufacturing car tanks, to establish a new factory in the USA. In order to comply with their customer’s request, CMS estimated the required investment as high as 7 million euro only for machinery and equipment.

Supporto export per PMI


It was CMS’ first factory abroad, thus they needed support in the entire international development process.

The suppliers of the equipment were almost 20, most of them SME with scarce experience outside Italy. Furthermore, a wrong approach to US import duties could spoil the entire investment.

Thanks to our intervention since the planning phase, we were able to optimize the management of time and resources, structuring a tailor-made credit facility. Proper cash flow management allowed for steady shipments of machinery and equipment to the US.

Consulenza export
Supporto export per PMI in USA


We paid all suppliers according to the agreed terms and conditions.

Our shipping agent succeeded in optimizing the import duties;

CMS began to generate cash flow before starting the repayment of the credit facility.

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