Go the Italian way: A new chassis on time for the carmaker

A well-known carmaker assigned the production of a new car chassis to Proma Industrie, a Moroccan company.
In order to guarantee adequate supplies in terms of quality and quantity requested, Proma Industrie needed to buy new robotic welding cells from an Italian supplier.



The supplier asked for a significant advance payment required to start the equipment production, but Morocco doesn’t allow payments before importing the equipment;

Proma Industrie requested the investment to have self-financing capacity;

We overcame the deadlock proposing to be the trader, buy the equipment, and offered to Proma Industrie a deferred payment facility with first payment 18 months after the delivery in Morocco. 

Investimenti Italia-Marocco
Investimenti Italia-Marocco


Our intervention allowed for on-time production and delivery of the equipment, even though the latter happened around Christmas time

Proma could start the production according to their customer’s requirements;

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