Why are we trader?

Chi è il trader

What does it mean
being a trader?

We purchase from Italian manufacturers machinery, equipment and complete production lines to sell on to foreign buyers. By becoming the exporter of the goods, instead of being mere advisors, we simplify and add great value to the financing process.

What skills does a trader
like Forty-Four need?

A whole variety. We need to understand the buyer’s needs and coordinate them with those of the manufacturers, be flexible and team players. Furthermore we have insight into international contracts, financial instruments, Italian and international taxation, as well as customs import / export procedures.
Il team Forty-Four a Milano
Forty-four: siamo trader, non consulenti

Why does Forty-Four
not act only as an advisor?

As we Italians use to say: “do it yourself, it’s three times better”. As a trader we manage all operational, logistic and financing aspects directly. This prevents both the manufacturer and the buyer being involved into all problems and difficulties that naturally arise during the contract execution. In addition, we can group more supplies into only one financing contract.

Do manufacturer and buyer lose contacts due to Forty-Four’s intervention?

Absolutely not. We manage only the selling and financing process. We specifically ask both the manufacturer and the buyer to ensure continuity in all technical and commercial aspects.
Supporto per finanziamento all'estero
Quali sono i costi dell'export

Does Forty-Four’s intervention increase the financing costs?

Our intervention add value but does not add costs to the financing. This is possible thanks to our specific know-how and the optimized use of tools such as credit insurance, credit assignment and Export Credit Agencies’ engagement.

Who does pay for Forty-Four’s intervention?

The buyer bears all costs by repaying the financing over the years. We don’t apply any direct / indirect fee (such as management, service, commitment or alike) either on the manufacturer’s or the buyer’s side. We value the upfront, straightforward approach and expect the same from our business partners.
Le caratteristiche di un trader

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