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Luca Devetta – Forty-four

Luca Devetta

Got his feet wet in Switzerland before moving to Germany into more senior positions. After 9 years in the industry, in 2004 he switched over to trade finance. He founded Forty-Four with Valeria in 2015.
Valeria Rigolio – Forty-four

Valeria Rigolio

Worked all her life in trade finance. 20 years later she became one of Italy’s leading professionals with excellent relations with Italian and foreign entities. She founded Forty-Four with Luca in 2015

and the team

Francesca Gligora -Forty-Four

Francesca Gligora

Takes care of the administrative and financial issues
Barbara Arnoffi – Forty-Four

Barbara Arboffi

Is our logistic and import-export specialist
Ilaria Pirovano – Forty-Four

Ilaria Pirovano

Acts as our chief accountant and tax advisor
Danilo Giorgio Grattoni – Forty-Four

Danilo Giorgio Grattoni

Is our legal support since the company’s establishment
Avv. Luca Franceschet – Forty-four

Luca Franceschet

Is a lawyer as well as member of our supervisory body


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