Go the Italian way: Investments during the Covid-19 pandemic

A worldwide player in the home and personal care industry decided to expand their production in Egypt. They apponted an experienced Italian industrial group, already in the country with a manufacturing subsidiary, with part of the expansion project, thus forcing the subsidiary to invest in new moulding machines worth almost 2 million Euro.


As the machines were manufactured by a sister company, the goal was to have a positive cash balance for the Group.

Financing wasn’t a key to the project, as the Italian group had already decided to go for a traditional intercompany loan.

Unfortunately, the investment ran into the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. This meant all sort of delays and difficulties both in Italy and Egypt.


The Italian group reconsidered their financing plans as soon as they heard about the advantages of supplier’s credit for their investments and appointed us to execute the project.

They actually liked the result so much that they decided to make use of our supplier’s credit-based offer also for future investments in their subsidiaries.

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