We finance your capex: Italian moulds in India

An Indian buyer of die cast moulds wanted to test Costamp, an Italian manufacturer, on an ongoing investment in order to develop a partnership for future projects.

Costamp export in Kenya con Forty-Four


The buyer asked for a loan at European interest rates.

Costamp knew well the export credit instruments and could manage organize the loan directly. Instead, they preferred to be supported by a qualified player and therefore mandated us with the loan structuring.

We suggested a 5 year supplier’s credit facility and prepared an aggressive offer.

Costamp, stampi in India con Fortyfour
Costamp in Asia con finanziamento Forty-four


The customer bought Costamp’s moulds.

The buyer appreciated the supplier’s credit but, in the meantime, the Covid-19 pandemic spread over the world. The customer therefore benefitted of low-interest credit facilities by the Indian government and declined our offer.

Costamp appreciated our support and shared the satisfaction with other companies, encouraging them to make use of our expertise.

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